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Your Questions Answered

For your convenience, we’ve put together a list of some common questions and answers.


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Visiting Dr. kaako for RFC forms online

What Can I Expect From The Process?

RFC Expedite makes the process easy. Fill out the simple enrollment form here. You will receive an email with a link to our HIPPA-approved medical server to upload all your medical documentation, and to schedule your appointment. We then quickly complete the compilation and review of the medical records. 


If you have a current form from your PT or Behavioral Health provider, then you will receive an appointment date. If you require an updated form from PT or BH, we will give you a referral, making it easier and more likely to be covered by most insurances. Either way, just one appointment with us after your initial review, and we will have your case compiled, reviewed, and your RFC form ready to be finalized in your Face-to-Face online visit with Dr. Kaako. 

Paying for RFC forms online securely

What is the total cost?

As an optional service to expedite the RFC form process we operate on a self-pay basis. The initial case review and compilation of information is $199, your physician's visit with Dr. Kaako to finalize your RFC form is $599. Similar to what you may have experienced with your disability attorney, we charge the smaller fee to take on the case and begin the review, and the final fee at the time of completion. 

There may be outside costs, but these can often be covered by insurance with a referral from us, in cases where your PT/OT or Behavioral Health specific certifications are not up-to-date.   

RFC expedite RFC forms online process

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