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RFC Expedite and Disability Attorneys

Unified for a smooth process.

Help clients without PCP access or experiencing delays & speed up your own RFC processes by teaming up with RFC Expedite. We offer flexible models, ranging from basic referral programs to providing you with your own in-house RFC service programs for clients in need.

RFC expedite has dynamic options to facilitate collaboration between your services and ours. We are always a partner you can turn to when a client is having difficulty with their RFC forms, but we also offer flexible B2B options that allow you to add expedited RFC services to your client packages. Help clients stay on a fast track, help those who lack PCP assistance, while adding to your revenue and market share. 



RFC Expedite is always standing by to assist on a referral basis if you have a client encountering difficulties or delays. You can direct your client to us, or assist them here to enroll your client and be included in the process. 

Accessibility to an accurate RFC assessment in a timely manner makes a major difference for both you and your client. RFC Expedite bridges the gap and avoids delays, keeping the process moving and the stress down. 


By incorporating our RFC expedite service into your own client offerings, you ensure a fast resolution, increased revenue, and an edge in the market. 

RFC Expedite has flexible options that allow you to incorporate the RFC process into your own package for clients without a PCP, or fearing delays in time-sensitive situations. 

Simply enroll your client under the Attorney Portal, automatically book their appointment, and send them away in confidence. At the end of the month we invoice you a B2B/Attorney rate that scales with volume. 

Fill out the information request form here or contact our business office today at 833-466-7787

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