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RFC Expedite helps you complete your residual functional capacity forms thoroughly with a simple, all-online process. 

Licensed Physician
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RFC forms for Disability Applications

At RFC Expedite we help you to complete your Residual Functional Capacity forms as part of your disability application, properly and quickly. You may not have a primary care physician (PCP) or your busy PCP struggles to find the appropriate time for a thorough case review of your conditions.


While your PCP is the best source for your RFC forms, we offer an expedited service for those unable to get their forms completed for various reasons, such as struggling with delays on time-sensitive cases. 

We look forward to serving you. Please continue below to understand more about what to expect in the RFC forms online process with RFC Expedite. Thank you for visiting! 

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A Simple Process. No Delays in Review or Visits.

Know your timeline. Know where you are.

Once you finish a simple patient intake and send in your medical related documents through our automated system you will know if your case is accepted, if your documents are complete, & have a review visit scheduled at the very next available time slot. 

One Doctor. One Standard of Care. 

Dr. Ahmad Kaako, MD, MBA, FACP 

We are not a referral services for doctors. RFC Expedite operates exclusively with licensed physician Dr. Kaako, a veteran hospitalist with 11 years of hospital service, and 3 years as an active telemedicine provider.


One doctor reviewing your case, the same doctor with you at your virtual visit. One doctor throughout the process. 

Dr. Kaako is a licensed, hospital credentialed physician with a love for reviewing medical cases of all sorts.


Aside from RFC forms, he also performs other disability services, acts as an expert medical witness, and operates a non-profit using technology to bring health, education, and community to underserved areas in need worldwide. 

We treat every person like a person, every case with importance and urgency, and believe in our mission to make this process easier for those going through it. 

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Dr. Ahmad Kaako, MD, MBA, FACP 

Learn all about RFC forms, & how we help, with Dr. Kaako 


Disability Attorneys Partner Programs

Help clients without PCP access or experiencing delays & speed up your own RFC processes by teaming up with RFC Expedite. We offer flexible models, ranging from basic referral programs to providing you with your own in-house RFC service programs for clients in need.


With individualized models to fit your needs as an attorney we are always excited to explore how we can work together. Learn more in our Attorney Section or Contact Us to discuss your needs or ideas. 

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